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    replacing North American jewel case

    I have a cracked a nice Power Stone 2 that is near mint apart from the cracked case. I have other near mind Dreamcast cases, so I was wondering if there is an easy way to replace this case with the better one. My main concern is back cover art and the spine, basically the stuff you normally...
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    Replacing the original Dreamcast Fan

    Tonight while I was cannibalizing a Xbox with a friend of mine we were cranky salvage all the products worth keeping the only thing I took away from it was the cooling fan. The Xbox was was a very bad condition the HDD was pretty screwed up and it was not worth saving after all it was found in a...
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    Replacing old Dreamcast games

    Now, I generally take good care of all my video games and consoles and like to keep them looking as in good condition as possible. Understandably, though there comes a time when certain things stop working and in my case recently I have had one or two games which have started to cut out at...
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    Question about replacing my PSP screen

    I have the red God of War edition PSP-2001. Unfortunately, I broke the screen the other fay. As far as all the info I could find, I'm seeing that the PSP-2000 screens are the same thing as the PSP-2001 screens? I was looking at buying this from ebay...
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