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    Replacement cases

    I know these are rare to come across, I think I may buy 1 pack just for my better games. I've brought from the seller before and hes really good. He ships to the US as well.
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    Coloured Replacement Shell

    Hi guys, First post so let me know if this should have been in another section or whatnot. I'm looking for one of those coloured replacement shells for the DC to save my nice white one from yellowing doom. They're practically impossible to find online so wondered if anyone here has one they'd...
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    Replacement Game Cases?

    I cracked one of my game cases by accident and it made me wonder, is there any where you can get replacement game cases?
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    Replacement Jewel Cases

    Hi - A long time ago I sold off my DC collection...lo and behold years later I'm missing it and want it back. I've been scrambling to grab titles but as you can imagine, not all of the jewel cases are pretty. Has anyone found a good US source for replacements? I've read some reviews saying...
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    replacement cables

    im 13 and i have a dreamcast but my av cable broke any one know where i can get a new one cheap
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    Buying a replacement dreamcast, will my pso save work?

    Getting a new dreamcast cause the current ones laser starting to die even with calibrating, and I was wondering since the serial for pso v2 is tied to that one, will my save not work with the new system?
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    XCKDIY Dreamcast IDE Board: Inexpensive GD-ROM HDD Replacement

    XCKDIY Dreamcast IDE Board: Inexpensive GD-ROM HDD Replacement | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure Looks like an easier way to do the HDD mod, thought I'd share. IDE board only IDE/CF combo board
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    DreamPSU - Dreamcast Replacement Power Supply

    Hey Everyone, EDIT: This is now available on Indiegogo, if your interested the link is below, please feel free to share. DreamPSU - Making your Dreamcast cool again. | Indiegogo So almost a year ago, I noticed that my dreamcast power supply was producing a lot of heat, and then i got my...
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    Looking for a good replacement faceplate:

    My friend has a 1001 with a pretty scratched up faceplate. I don't think it's the original; the original got cracked, I think. Where do you suggest I go for a decent quality faceplate? I'm also thinking of replacing her replacement LCD screen which has a weird bluish tint to it. Any advice is...
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    Replacement Battery for PSP-1000 / Phat

    My battery is finally starting to not hold a charge on my old PSP-1000 Phat. I do have a pandora, but I'm hesitant to mod that to a regular battery on the likelyhood I'll need to use it again (5 kids + myself with CFW PSPs in the house). I can only find batteries for the slims. First, will...
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    PSP 1000 Part Replacement Problems

    So yeah, I've had my psp for a long time now and just recently parts started to shit out on me so now I'm trying to replace them, but I don't know what some of the parts are called. Mainly, the metal casing the LCD screen sits on. The clear part that the analog sits on in order to read has...
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    Cheapest place to find a replacement LCD for a Slim?

    The Best I've found was about $40 with free shipping for a refurb on Deal Extreme...anyone know of a better place? It sucks because the 1000 & 3000 screens are like $20 but the 2000 is $40-50!
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    Orange Backplate or Full shell replacement?

    I've been able to find orange faceplates but haven't been able to find backplates. Do they just not exist? Also, good stores to buy back/face plates from?
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    PSP Phat Fully Transparent Replacement Housing

    Hey guys, I've been searching through dealextreme and amazon for the last half an hour, but I can't seem to find just what I'm looking for: a fully transparent replacement house (with buttons and everything) for my PSP 1000. I saw a few that were transparent but with color, but I want just a...
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    3600mAh Replacement Battery!!!

    I bought a replacement Battery from, 3600 mah! used for several days feel ok! You deserve it
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    Help with faceplate replacement please

    I recently bought a faceplate and the things that hold the screws to the backplate broke overnight. I read somewhere that I had to "pre-thread" them. What does that mean and how would I do that?
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    Recommend replacement Anolog stick

    Alright guys, i'm new here and new to the PSP Scene. So go easy on me! ;) The other week i bought a PSP Lite 2000 and the other day i broke it, it became stuck and was sticking etc etc. Any way i read up on the net and found out how easy it is to replace. I bought a replacement one of ebay and...
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    PSPGo Internal Replacement Battery

    I have a PSPGo and the battery on it seems to be going as it doesn't last much more than an hour before needing to be recharged. I have looked everywhere and cannot find a place to buy PSPGo internal batteries. I know I have to open the unit to replace it but it's only a couple screws and I've...
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    Transparent Replacement Housing

    I was thinking of getting a Transparent Replacement Housing But I've never installed one before, so all I'd need to do is remove the motherboard and slip it inside of that? And should the Back door/Screws come with it?
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    time to buy a new PSP? Or replacement parts?

    My PSP 1000 is starting to get like an old car...Replacing part after part. Replaced: LCD screen Memory Stick UMD drive Need to replace: Dpad pressure sensetive device (Does not like when I press on the right direction) Dpad button (Had to cut the dpad in half and did a sloppy job since the...
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