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    Replace broken cable.

    Ok guys, I got myself a Dreamcast (was really expensive) and I don't know what to do. I hooked it up to the TV and it worked just fine. But when I moved the Dreamcast, the Scart cable suddenly shows no color anymore! (not my photo, but exactly same effect) Now, I figured it would be the Scart...
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    [ Dreamcast GD-ROM Stops Spinning | No Laser ] Which Resistor, Chip or Capacitor to Replace?

    Hi. I had a PAL Dreamcast given to me by a friend. I played a music CD, fell asleep and left it playing (I think the repeat was pressed) the music overnight. The GD-ROM spindle doesn't spin nor does the laser move or light up but it does power up normally and boots to the Dreamcast menu. I then...
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    Can you use the psp3000 lcd to replace psp2000 ones?

    If you can, then just buy the psp3000 lcd from places like ebay right? But i don't know if it can be used as I really don't know about the design and all~
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    PSP 1000 replace housing/buttons

    Hey I bought a psp 1000 off a friend of mine for like 60 bucks but some of the buttons stick at times and the screens pretty beat up so I was thinking of replacing that too. Does anyone know of any good sites that are good for case customization for 1000's? I can only find 2000 and 3000 sites...
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    How to replace right speaker in a PSP-1000?

    I bought my PSP used, and so far its awesome, i love it. But the only thing i have a problem with is that the right speaker is dead. Is it a very difficult repair? So far all i have done is removed the faceplate to clean off sticky buttons. I bought this thing used at an amazing price. I...
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    Need to replace lower buttons of a PSP 1000

    The only thing wrong with my old PSP-1000 is the buttons right below the screen. So I want to get a replacement part, but I don't know what I'll need exactly. Do I need to replace the entire screen, or can I find a replacement for just those buttons? Because it seems as if those buttons are...
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