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    GD-ROM Disk Repair Question

    I bought a copy of Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2 yesterday, but my DC wouldn't read it due to a small, but deep scratch on the disc. I attempted to repair it using a CD Cleaner that has fixed minor scratches on other DC discs, but this time it didn't work. So I visited my local Gamestation (UK) who...
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    Do you clean and repair your wares?

    Just wondered if anyone else cleans everything that they buy? I always give my games and hardware a thorough clean to make them look all spick and span again (at least, to the very best I can get them). Also, does anyone buy spares or repairs from ebay and dissect them to get them working again...
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    slim repair tuts?

    my Slim's UMD drive and screen both shat, so my friend's giving me his broken Slim, but his case is bent up, so I'm going to be doing massive renovations. I'm going to take his UMD drive, and screen, and put them in my PSP, but I'm fairly inexperienced when it comes to this kind of thing, so...
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    Good repair part site

    Seems my faceplate is cracked and I am missing a screw in my psp1000 model (the one behind the analog stick), so I'm going to just get a new faceplate and screws (the missing screw might explain the issue i had with the analog stick before). Any sites that are recommended to get some of this...
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    Evening all my psp has gone tit's up :'(! it was placed in the wife's handbag and a can of antipersperant was in there and the psp got covered in it! now when i tried to play tiger woods 10 the other day the character was in a constant backward position! so i exited the game and entered the...
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    PSP Repair

    I've gotten into modding, and been trying my hand at refurbishing PSP but I'm kinda stuck. I had my own PSP which has worked for a bit now, it was hacked so I value it greatly. My friend ended up going through two PSPs. Both PSP got beatten up and had their screens cracked. I found...
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    How to repair a Nintendo DS Lite NDSL Touch Screen 2 Need to learn how to repair a Nintendo DS Lite? Here is part 2 of a detailed tutorial explaining how to do just that, enjoy. [URL=""]
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