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    Removing the Game Genie Master Code

    This was written by: Tony Hedstrom [email protected] Sega Genesis Game Genie master codes: (this doesn't apply to emulators) Have you ever wanted to play a Sega Genesis game and use 5 different Game Genie codes, but found out that you needed to enter a master code also, so you really...
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    Removing ECHELON banner from .CDI in 2016? Anyone?

    I've been looking everywhere for the last few days and I don't believe that this topic has been covered that well anywhere online.. Most of the information is super outdated and the 1ST_READ.bin files seem to all vary in size making HEXing them really difficult. Does anyone know a...
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    DIY: Removing the lid of the Logitech Playgear case?

    Hi everyone, I enjoy using the case has it ads the sufficient bulk to be able to play comfortably without cramps (Not really fond of these cheap batteriy/grip combos). However the upper lid apparently cannot be removed and it ads quite a lot of weight... Before I start to invest most of my time...
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    Free Space: 580 MB - Any way of removing the MB letters?

    Hello, Thats pretty much my question. Im trying to get rid of the "Mb" next to the numbers. I'll keep looking but in case someone knows this faster than I can find it. Normally it says: Memory Stick Free Space: 580 Mb Im trying to get it to say: Memory Stick Free Space: 580 Thank you...
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