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    RemoteJoy lite psp-6.20 d

    I need help running PSX(PS1) games on my Remotejoy Lite all it shows is a blank screen and nothing happens. So i need your help to fix this I have a PSP Brite v1.0 motherboard TA-090v2 motherboard type BRITE (03G) EDIT: my remotejoyLite version is 0.19
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    Remotejoy Controls

    What are the controls to use remotejoy with a keyboard?
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    Is there a remotejoy for psp slim 6.37?

    Hey, I have a psp slim (3000) 6.37. Is there a remotejoy for that? Ore somthing else to record your psp gameplay. If yes give me link to download and how to instal Grtz
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    Remotejoy lite compatibility?

    I have a 6.60 Pro B-9 CFW I was wondering if remotejoy lite 0.19 is compatible
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    RemoteJoy Lite 0.19 - 6.35 Pro-B4

    Mornin all ^_^ Just thought I'd make sure im doing this right & I don't know if anything differs from the 'Go' but I have installed the Prx for RemoteJoy Lite and tried running either of the exe's to display my psp screen through a Pc moniter but the window continues to say 'Waiting'. The...
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    RemoteJoy Lite problem

    6.35PRO-B4, I tried to install RemoteJoyLite 0.19 I created a seplugin in my PSP,placed the RemoteJoyLite.prx and the vhs.txt and game.txt files (with the ms0:/seplugins/RemoteJoyLite.prx 1 in them), enabled them on the PSP via the "Select" menu,restarted vhs and I think I did the PSP part...
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    RemoteJoy now crashes my PC

    RemoteJoy was working fine earlier, as you can see from my other thread where i was asking about the keyboard inputs. I got fed up and tried to map a controller myself. I named it, placed it in the MS_ROOT folder and changed the config file at the bottom where it says '' to...
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    RemoteJoy Lite Crashes

    Hullo all. I just found this site recently, and hacked my PSP less than a week ago primarily thanks to all of the useful guides and information present. My primary purpose for doing so was to be able to use a USB controller and play on a larger screen, and RemoteJoy Lite enabled both of these...
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    Remotejoy Lite

    I have been looking all over the internet for the answer and I have yet to find the reason as to how people using remotejoy to play mhfu have such crisp clean video quality on their videos while my resolution looks like crap at fullscreen. Now before you say its my computer i can assure you i...
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    RemoteJoy PSP 3001 Problem

    Ok I have got RJ to work on multiple PCs but now it doesn't work. The drivers wont install because it doesnt say my PSP is a "PSP Type B" it says "SONY "PSP" MS USB Device". Does anyone know how to fix this and make it say PSP Type B?? (I also disable the Driver Enforcement with F8)
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    Problem with remotejoy lite in Windows 7 64 bit

    Hey everyone,i have a phat PSP with 6.35 Pro-B4.The problem is that when i use remotejoy lite,everything works fine but after a little time has passed my PSP crashes and the fault is because of remotejoy.Since when i try it without remotejoy lite,it never crashes but after i use it the game...
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