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    Dreamcast Console Regions

    I know there are japanese versions of the Dreamcast. And in your videos I noticed that you had a few of them. Is it possible to play any game on them, like US games? Also, since its the Japanese version is there a way to go into the setting to change the language to english? Finally, I know...
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    Game Regions

    If there is a Japanese import or a PAL game that I want to play. Can I still play the game on my US region dreamcast? And do I need anything special like a boot disc?
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    Sega Rally 2 and Sega GT, which regions to get?

    I was messing around on youtube recently, and some videos I watched informed me that the JPN version of Sega Rally 2 has some different cars and weather effects than the US or Euro releases. Then I heard later that the European version of Sega GT has a bunch of European cars that the US and JPN...
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