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    "Kickstart" REDUX: Dark Matters

    Looks like the long awaited upgrade to 2009 release DUX may see the light of day in both a sequel and an update in REDUX and DUX 1.5 respectively! Looks like they are funding their efforts via Kickstarter! And oh boy are they offering DC fans eveything but the kitchen sink to claim yo money...
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    Any US Kickstarter backers here for Redux...

    ... got their copy of the game??? I'm still waiting on my steel edtion with absolutely zero updates from hucast regarding my order :?
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    Dux VS Dux 1.5 VS Redux

    To anyone interested, I was requested by the Dreamcast-Scene to make a video comparing the opening levels of Dux, Dux 1.5, and Redux. If you're interested, have a look.
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