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    New game by redspotgames ?

    What do you think what game they announce? Fast Striker ? may be Eerievale? News: Page not found -
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    Redspotgames announces new commercial DC game!

    Today on the german television show "neues", RSG CEO Max Scharl talked about some random underdog stuff AND... revealed the secret 2011 project: Sturmwind (Stormwind). Looks like another shooter is heading towards our beloved console! It has been in development for 6 years by a german...
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    Interview for Sturmwind and redspotgames

    Ok, German title, but you should be able to read it. American is not an excuse for stupid haha. Anyway, yank jokes aside, I give you German speakers an interview to translate for us dummer Amerikans/Englische sprecher. :lol: I am calling you out mein fruende Capt. DC, you helped translate...
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    I'm back! and getting annoyed at RedSpotgames

    Hi all, Coolinator here, Anyone else pre-order SturmWind? Any news on its production? I believe its finished in the digital form but they seem to be running into problem on the manufacturing side. I need this game to kick start my Dreamcast love again! Any information would help. Thanks.
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    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, but I have been a Dreamcast lover since the original release and in fact I am still using my launch model Sega Dreamcast. I have been trying to follow the independent scene and support it so that more companies will continue to release games for our beloved...
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