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    Redspot Games planning something big!

    Redspot games has posted something interesting on their Facebook page, and said they are going to have 4 Dreamcast related announcements for us every sunday till Christmas! Twitter: Indie Game Publisher (@redspotgames) on Twitter Facebook: redspotgames - Home | Facebook Website: Redspot: The #1...
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    redspot announces sturmwind limited edition

    damn this looks hot, it might just as well be a dreamcast direct title. I wish sega would acknowledge them & let em put the swirl on the box, this one really deserves it Redspot: The #1 Games Blog
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    How reliable is RedSpot Games?

    Hello, I was checking out some footage of Sturmwind and this game looks incredible and I'd love to own it. Couldn't find a reasonably priced copy on eBay so I found the site of the company that published it, Redspot Games. I don't think I need the limited edition, just the stand alone game...
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    WTB Wind and Water - is redspot reliable?

    So I wanna buy Wind and Water but it seems the only place to buy it is from redspot games. I've heard they've ripped people off before and the site hasn't been updated in ages. Has anyone bought from them? Am I taking a risk? :cry:
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