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    Which games you guys can recommend

    Hi guys, im new in here, thanks to Adam Koralik (a youtuber that have the serie keep dreaming for dremcast stuff) im here to make this simple question, which games can you guys recommend. I like shenmue style games, rpg games and adventure. Right now i have shenmue 1/2, grandia 2 and sky of...
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    Recommend me a game.

    Hi, I'm new here. I just ordered a DC yesterday and 11 games for it (including Sturmwind!) but I'm still looking for a game my girlfriend could appreciate. She absolutely loved the Katamari series and she played them to death. She generally likes games that are easy to pick up, quirky and just...
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    Please Recommend a good Speaker Dock

    Can someone please recommend a good speaker dock with nice bass-response? Ipod gets all the love in this department but I'm not really wanting to buy an ipod right now. I'd much rather just have a good and loud speaker dock for my PSP. I am in the military and my work envvironment has a lot of...
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    Recommend replacement Anolog stick

    Alright guys, i'm new here and new to the PSP Scene. So go easy on me! ;) The other week i bought a PSP Lite 2000 and the other day i broke it, it became stuck and was sticking etc etc. Any way i read up on the net and found out how easy it is to replace. I bought a replacement one of ebay and...
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    Recommend a decent battery for 3003?

    Guys, Can anyone recommend a decent PSP battery around the 2200-2400mah mark that actually works and lasts as long as it should. Preferably one that fits the same way as the original Sony 1200mah does without sticking out and requiring the extended battery compartment lid. Ive bought a couple...
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    so what Apps/Plugins do you recommend me?

    i got a PSP Go 6.20 PRO-B4. i was wondering what apps(like Bookr) do you recommend. links to said recommendation would be good please and thank you. i was also looking for a app like Xplora. please dont say PSPFiler or w.e its called.i tried it and hated it. is there a Xplora app that runs on...
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