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    In need of a nice VGA adapter, can I get a reccomendation?

    Sadly, I lost a great auction with a console, controllers etc and a vga cable =( Now I am only seeing $60 and up VGA cables online, can someone recommend a decent priced well made one they have? Or a website to order from? I also am in the market for an AUX cable for the VGA to my TV but...
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    What are your reccomendation for an 8gb microsdhc card?

    i plan on getting this photofast cr-5400 pro duo adapter and buying 2X 8gb microsdhc cards DealExtreme: $4.27 PhotoFast CR-5400 Dual-Slot SDHC MicroSD/TF to MS Pro Duo Adapter (32GB Max) the problem is, i don't know which microsdhc card to get, because there are so many choices. I've read that...
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