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    Tyson Chicken Recall

    Tyson Foods is recalling this brand of frozen chicken patty products due to contamination with extraneous materials. (CNN)Tyson Foods is recalling 39,078 pounds of frozen chicken patties over fears they may be contaminated with foreign matter, the US Department of Agriculture said. The recall...
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    Apple introduces a recall program for some MacBook Pro laptops with faulty batteries

    The 2015 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. [credit: Andrew Cunningham ] Today, Apple sent out a press release and published a customer support document announcing a new voluntary recall-and-replace...
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    Total Recall Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Total Recall Typed out by [email protected] NES-L4-USA They stole his mind. Now he wants it back. Total Recall(tm) Acclaim(tm) - Masters of the Game(tm) --- You are Quaid. Just a regular guy with a day job - who'd like to visit Mars. Then you see this commercial: " the -memory-...
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