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    Dreamcast not reading controller input

    Ok, so I dig out my dreamcast after a month or so of no use at all, and now the dreamcast won't read the controller input. So, after a good bit of testing, I got my other dreamcast out. It wouldn't read either. So I borrow my friend's controller, still nothing. I try playig quake iii with...
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    Transient disc reading issues; laser or not?

    I'm getting some transient disc reading errors and I want to verify that it's actually the laser before I do any pot tweaking. - Disc reading errors are typical: it either fails to load at start, quits loading after the Sega logo, or eventually crashes after playing for some time. - The errors...
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    Dreamcast starts reading disc then stops

    here is what you need to do: Open up your dreamcast until you have your dreamcast gd-rom visible. remove the cables that go from the gd-rom to the motherboard. they are behind 2 black clips. you need to get these cables from under those clips so it is exposed. then move the actual lens all the...
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