Raynal is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Aline Marie Raynal (born 1937), French botanist and botanical illustrator
David Raynal (1840–1903), French politician
Étienne Weill-Raynal (1887–1982), French historian, resistant, journalist and Socialist politician
François Édouard Raynal (1830–1898), French sailor
Frédérick Raynal (born 1966), French video game designer and programmer
Guillaume Thomas François Raynal (1713–1796), French writer
Jean Raynal (1929–2015), French sports journalist
Mathieu Raynal, French rugby union referee
Maurice Raynal (1884–1954), French art critic
Michel Raynal (born 1949), French computer scientist
Sylvain Eugène Raynal (1867–1939), French military officer

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