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    Pokemon Rumble World

    Passwords - Europe After obtaining an Adventure Rank of 4 or more, press Start in the Courtyard and you will be able to enter passwords. These passwords allow other Pokemon to become available. Effect Password Pancham 24197410 Smeargle 35325215
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    Where Does Dreamcast Rank Among the Best Ever?

    Where do you guys think the Dreamcast ranks among in the best consoles ever? Top ten? Top five? Top 3? Number 1? Say what you think and why. For me its first because: It has possibly the greatest library of games ever. Pretty reliable system. Very Inovative (inspired the Wii U, Xbox and the...
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    Rank your favorite Sega system

    Ultra and others, how would you rate the Sega systems ? I would go : 1) Sega Genesis Model 1 (Revisions VA3 to VA6 sound best) + Sega CD Model 1 + 32 X Revision 2 and other variations (CDX, X Eye, Homemade Neptunes, Nomad etc). Just so you guys know once my Genesis Model 1, 32x, Sega CD and...
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    Where do Dreamcast games rank among the best games ever?

    This should be an interesting topic. How many, and what Dreamcast games rank among the best games ever? What Dreamcast games are worthy of being called, "One of the best games ever"? Here is an example, if you don't know what I mean Let's say someone makes a list of the top 100 games of all...
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