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    Mario Party: Island Tour

    Character Vocals Meet the conditions below to be able to purchase these characters' vocals from the shop. Character How to unlock Bowser Play through every board except Shy Guy's Shuffle City and Bowser's Peculiar Peak. Bowser Jr. Finish Bowser's Tower once and buy from the Shop.
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    Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

    Einherjar cards Complete the storyline for the indicated path to be prompted to choose five characters to save as Einherjar cards. They can then be used to purchase Skills or Characters on another path. They characters are selected from those who are available at the end of the game. Card How...
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    My Big DC Purchase

    Over the weekend I made a pretty sweet purchase from a friend. He sold me: *his Dreamcast (with a dead battery) along WITH A BBA & the modem that already comes with the Dreamcast. *VGA Box *An entire spindle of imported & unreleased games. *Shenmue 1 *Skies of Arcadia *Jet Set Radio *Vigilante...
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    Best place to purchase a new LCD?

    Is there a different website that is considered more reliable or having better products than DealExtreme? Also, does anyone know if there is a certain model/brand of screen for a PSP-2001 that is the highest quality? It seems like DX has quite a few different LCDs to choose from...
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