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    Legend of Legaia PSX CWCheat

    _S SCUS_94254 _G Legend of Legaia _C0 Point Card Modifier _L 800845B4 0000FA49 <No Glitch- change value for 1-99999 _L 800845B6 00000002 <No Glitch- change the 2 for values ranging 100000+ _C0 Vahn Exp Modifier LVL 35 <No Glitch- **Note 1** _L 80084708 00015F23 <No Glitch- change value for...
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    BioHazard 2 Japanese Version PSX CWCheats

    BioHazard 2 Japanese Version PSX CWCheats _S SLPS_01222 _G BioHazard 2 [Disk 1] _C0 Inf. Bag Items _L 300CD671 00000063 _L 300CD679 00000063 _L 300CD67D 00000063 _L 300CD675 00000063 _L 300CD681 00000063 _L 300CD685 00000063 _L 300CD689 00000063 _L 300CD68D 00000063 _L 300CD691 00000063 _L...
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    PSX Games on PSP-3006

    I am currently using a PSP-3006, but I have a problem with playing Digimon World 3 (from PSX) on it. I have already ripped iso from cd and converted to eboot, but attempting to load it results in a black screen and nothing. Is there something specific (e.g. emulator software) needed to play PSX...
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    Sudden crashing(?) while attempting to play PSX games

    sup everyone~ My PSP-2000 crashed suddenly while attempting to play Spyro the Dragon. It booted up, and then it came up with a menu with about like 12 different choices, and I picked a random one thinking it was inconsequential. It is now in a state where the green light stays on and you can't...
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    destruction Derby 2 psx?

    hello just looking for some help I'm running hen 5.50 on my psp also running pops ive done all this for one game destruction Derby 2. but i can't get it to run, it loads fine but when yet go to race it freezes allot and the graphics always go funny?? was just wondering if anyone else would mind...
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    can't play psx iso / Eboot?

    Hi, I have recently hacked my psp 3004 to 6.20 TN-D , i patched it with the TN-D_Permanent patch. Now if i understand things correctly i need to run psp games with the PrometheusIsoLoader , and it works ok for the psp games.. but how the hell can i start a psx iso/Eboot game? If i put the psx...
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    psx eboots??

    psx2psp turns the psx iso or whatever form it is into an eboot.... is there a program or way to turn the eboot back to its original form(iso or whatever) b4 u turned it into an ebooot, cause i notice te eboot is smaller, will it lose anything converting back if u can??
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    ISOs & PSX games not showing

    So I just bought a new legit 16gb Sandisk ProHG Duo Memstick and filled it up with games and still got around 800mb free. The thing is they don't show up at all in the XMB. I also made it an MMS by the way. I tried some things like reformatting the memstick & filling it up all the way but they...
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    PSX loader and Capture Function for Signed Hen?

    I've looked around but haven't seen anything in regards to whether or not there's a PSX Loader that works with Sign HEN(6.31) as well as if there is a recording/capture type plugin compatible with it. And if there is would anyone be willing to explain how I'd get it set up (new to this all)?
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    Best PSX to PSP converter for 6.35PRO-B3

    I'm having trouble converting a working Final Fantasy 7 Disc set to PSP. I know it works on 6.35PRO-B3, but mine keeps freezing right after selecting new game. I also have a PAL copy of Tomba that I need to patch. So my question is what is the best converter for 6.35PRO-B3? P.S. I do own the...
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    Final fantasy 8 psx games problem

    I'm currently playing the final fantasy psx games I've played final fantasy 7 and 9 worked perfectly and when I downloaded it worked perfectly without any lags,freeze or anything. but when I played Final fantasy 8 it worked until the starting screen and when I pressed the new game the screen...
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    CWcheat for 6.20 compatible with PSX?

    Hi, i just got CWcheats working on my psp and i cant seem to find an option having to do with memory cards. Supposedly from some screenshots i saw, it should be right above "Return to game!" but its not there. It could be that i was testing it out in Monster Hunter but then i went to the PSX...
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    What CFW do I need to play Dissidia 012 and anything else including PSX games

    OFW 6.35 willing to upgrade to 6.37 of course. PSP 2001 Anyone have the opinions which is the best to do? I have a Pandora battery and Magic Memory Stick if need be. Sorry I haven't been able to find anything to help me. Sorry for the bother. Thank you.
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    Playing PSX games, do NOT change disc-load speed!

    ALWAYS use "normal" disc load speed. There is little to no difference between "fast" and "normal". "Fast" will freeze alot of games. I came asking for help a while ago about FF4 for PSX, saying it froze soon after seeing Golbez for the first time and no one seemed to know what the problem was...
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    My psx showing as "Corrupted Files" on my 5.00 M33-6

    My psp has been GEN 5.5 and now back to m33-6 to see if that was the case.. still having problems, cant run any psx game ever since i've upgraded from 3.71.. and that is the same problem im having on my 3 PSPs.. all my 3 PSPs are slim-2000 and I have 1 Phat psp 1000 that I havent even tried to...
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    6.20 Psn Psx games on 5.50 Gen-D4

    I have a PSP 1001 with 6.20 OFW and bought FF9 , my favorite game the day it was released. I have 150+ hours in my save game! Plus a speedrun, and a perfect save, and a level one game. I used to TN-C hack and downgraded my PSP to 5.03 and then upgraded to 5.50 OFW. I then used...
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    PSX Games not running on 6.20 PRO-B5

    Just updated to PRO-B5 today, But when I try to load any of my PSX games, it just comes up with "The game could not be started. (FFFFFFFF)" Worked fine on PRO-B4. Anyone else has his problem on 6.20 PRO-B5? Any way to fix it?
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    6.35 PRO-B5 Won't Play PSX GAMES

    On B4 it worked fine but now it gives me an error on all my PSX games (FFFFFF) Help NOT 6.35, I meant 6.20.
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    How to invite 2 players in psx games in psp

    Hi guy's i just want to ask how to invite 2 palyers in psx games in psp..example i play vigilante 8 2nd offense and i want another player in other this possible thanks in advanced........
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    Psx games on psp 3005 6.20tn-d

    how do i play PS1 games on my psp 3005 cfw 6.20 TN-D?? any tutorials?? does it brick when it has an error? i mean harmful?
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