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    Can Current PSPs in stores be hacked?

    Now that the PSP is $130, I'm thinking of buying one, but was wondering if the current models sold in stores can be hacked to run .isos I've read a few things, and it seems it's dependent on firmware? Does anyone know what firmware current PSPs are shipped with?
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    Hackable psp's

    Key words used OFW = Offical fimware CFW = Custom firmware FW = Firmware PB = Pandora battery MMS = Magic memory stick Could any one give me full detail info on whitch psps can be hacked by PB and MMS, like witch version of psp and the FW range it can be hacked from and to. I do know that all...
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    Sandisk compatability with hacked psps.

    I just recently decided to hack my psp, unfortunately I only have a 1 gigabyte memory card from 2 or 3 years ago which isn't enough space to hold certain games. When I was looking around online for a new memory card I read something about the newer 8 gig and 16 gig memory cards being unable to...
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    PSP's UMD drive plugged out and replaced with way cooler stuff

    Hello ladies and gentle men, While I was exploring youtubes deep jungles, I found this video: Watch it, be amazed. I wish I could do the same with my psp (with a double Memory card slot duh :bucktooth:). I wonder if some of you guys...
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    Back to hacking PSP's after 2 year hiatus

    I'm getting back into hacking PSP's, and I haven't been around since the 5.00M33 days, so I have no Idea as to what's going on. Anyway I was reading around and I see that the hacking now seems to be temporary mainly with some fast recovery thing, and then there's this downgrading then getting a...
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    How long does your psp's battery last?

    Hey guys! I just wanted to know that how long does the psp slim battery last. I just got a new one for my friend but it seems to be out of power after 2 hours. What would be the reason?
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