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    God of War PSPKVM?

    I'm playing God of War: Betrayal using PSPKVM and it's excruciatingly slow. It starts out well, then slows and slows as you progress into the game. I've tried different screen sizes and different phone devices among the ones in the "select device" option with no luck. Any suggestions?
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    Pspkvm ?

    I tried to install PSPKVM on my PSP (CFW 5.00m33-6) but.....PSP have black screen when i load it's! I download from pspkvm-bin-0.5.5-fr_cfw_allinone=>Black screen pspkvm-bin-0.5.5-fr-cfw-allinone-minimal=>Ok (But when I put another type font in pspkvm folder=>Black screen) I want to...
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    help about mp3plugn and pspkvm and video files

    hi guys i really need some help , when i try to launch pspkvm to install and run opera , it just keeps on giving a plain black screen thne i have to press my button with psp icon , i think its called home icon , forgive me ignorance , and then exit it , any help plz i m using psp 3000 3g cfm...
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    PSPKVM apps besides opera mini?

    --My psp info is sigged. I think PSPKVM is very useful, but I have a feeling that most people only use it for Opera Mini, not taking it to it's full potential. I've had it for a while but i just started to tap into some of it's hidden powers.. I find it that 4.3 works better than any other...
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    PSPKVM just powers off...

    I'm using a phat(1000) psp, with 5.00 m33-6, and I'm using the latest version of pspkvm(the cfw pack). All my psp does is just sits at a black screen and eventually just powers off. and I'm so sick if the shitty psp browser. D:<
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