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    pspdisp and wifi not working.

    Ok I managed to get pspdisp working using a usb cable and the libusb driver however I can't get the wireless mode working. This is pspdisp version "" I manually set the IP of the PSP to "" and I can ping it from my computer. However on the psp it just stays on "Connecting...
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    PSPGo PSPDisp slow fps

    So I have PSPDisp on my PSP Go 6.39 Pro-B9 CFW and, when I use the USB option, it works perfectly. No lag at all! I get 57-60 FPS everytime I use the USB option. However....I've looked at people on youtube videos who do not use the USB option, instead they use the WLAN option. And from the...
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    PSPDisp windows???

    Hello there dashhacks forums. I've got PSPDisp set up on my PSP and I'm pretty happy with it. But what would make it actually useful is if I could view one window with the PSP and view another one on my PC monitor. Does anyone know if this is currently possible????? I NEED TO DO THAT!!! :lol2...
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