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    Psp3001 6.37, help me!

    Basically I bought a new psp because my old psp1000 was Stolen a few months back, what I have now is a psp3001 OFW 6.37. From reading and browsing several pages on here, what I have is bad for what I want to do :(. All I really want to do is get a snes emu set up to play snes roms. I read I...
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    PSP3001 Square,Triangle,X,O problem.

    Hi guys can you help me with my PSP3001 the Square,Triangle,X,O keys are not working can anybody help with this or what can i do? i check already the pads but its working because i transfer it to other PSP.
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    Hacking PSP3001 @ Ver 6.35

    RESOLVED! THANKS! Hello, I've tried nearly everything to get my PSP hacked and homebrewed. But I seem to be running into a roadblock here. I got as far as getting temp homebrew with the Everybody's Sukkuri game exploit. But past that, it seems to lose the homebrew and half the programs I put...
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