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    Can you use the psp3000 lcd to replace psp2000 ones?

    If you can, then just buy the psp3000 lcd from places like ebay right? But i don't know if it can be used as I really don't know about the design and all~
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    PSP3000 issue with UMD

    I am having problem with my mainboard, when i insert UMD and as soon as i close UMD door the message "Disc could not be read" pop up, so i replaced mainboard and it work so the Laser is not faulty. Then try to replace UMD driver IC still the message!! .. is there any other ic that related to...
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    How To Flash My psp3000

    hey guys really struggling on trying to flash my psp3000 to run iso files I have ofw 6.38 can any1 help me out. Thanks guys
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    how to run mp3plugin in psp3000 6.35pro b4

    i have downloaded mp3play and mp3play_lite .prx files also written their path in vsh and game .txt files in seplugins folder, even then when i open my xmb menu , no song is heard , can any body tell me keys plz and any other thing
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    Downgrading/Reverting PSP3000 6.20 Firmware Version back to 5.03 Custom Firmware Hen

    Guys does anyone knows how to revert back or downgrade a PSP3000 from its original firmware 5.03 chickHEN support, I accidentally updated my firmware to 6.20 and chickHEN does not support that firmware version. Also PANDORA's BATTERY is not working for PSP3000. Is there any way I can revert...
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    PSP3000 and 6.37: Unhackable but downgradeable?

    Hey :) Ive read stickies and some general guides/tutorials but some use old information.... Basically I have a PSP-3000 (I remove the battery and it states and it is a Model PSP-3004, 4 being the region) and it is on 6.37. AFAIK, this combination is unhackable. BUT Googling I see its possible...
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    Help with my PsP3000

    Hi i have a psp3000 the one from the Kh birth by sleep bundle and everything was fine till about two weeks ago i dropped it (fairly hard) and now it wont read disk i looked on youtube ppl say its the laser laser but it has the read light moves back in place if moved etc really wanna play my...
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    6.20PRO isn't working my my PSP3000 >.<

    I updated my PSP 3000 from OFW5.50 to OFW6.20, then installed the 6.20 PROB5 CFW...... while it installed, the CFW is crashing on me. Since I haven't installed the permanent patch yet (though I want to) everything works fine in OFW. When I use the installer/launcher, my 3000 reboots into the...
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