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    compatible irshell for psp1000.

    which irshell is compatible with my psp1000 running on cfw 5.50 gen-d(full)?
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    psp1000 from 5.00m33-6 to 6.20pro?

    okay i have a psp 3000 and my son has a psp 1001. i run 6.35prob4 which runs fine. i want to update his to 6.20prob4 so he can play newer games. now i tried doing the softmod for the pandora battery but i cant do it on mine. and i don't want to try it on his and just mess it all up. so my...
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    psp1000 or FAT pro b5 psx error

    Hey i just upgraded of pro b4 to pro b5 and now im having problems playing my psx on it. is anyone else having this problem? Can anyone HELP?
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    What's the current best CFW for PSP1000?

    It's that time again... I'm on 5.50 M33-6 and it doesn't run Patapon 3 or Gods Eater Burst... Should I go with 6.35 PRO-B5?
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    PSP1000 CFW updating

    Hello everyone, so my friend and I both have PSP1000's with CFW installed. The problem is we both want to update our CFW. I guess I don't really know what version we want to install or how to upgrade. All i want to be able to do is play the latest psp backups, emulators/roms and psx games...
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    Help upgrading my 5.50 GEN psp1000

    I haven't been on the psp hacking scene for quite a while. What's the farthest I can go and can I go straight there or do I have to do it in steps?
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