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    black screen psp-3004 version 6.20

    hi guys...i have a psp -3004 with 6.20 version and it was cracked with promethues iso loader.i download this update and i run it...but suddenly the screen has been black and only the green light is
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    PSP-3004 hackable ?

    i have psp-3004 with OFW 6.38 can i hack this one ?
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    PSP-3004 with a 5.70 firmware hack

    Hey. I got my psp-3004 only today and now I want to hack it. Am I able to do this and how? It has a 5.70 firmware. Thanks for your answers! :)
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    Bought a new PSP-3004!!!!

    Hello everyone... I bought PSP-3004,few days back....I just dont know how to install Custom Firmware(CFW) in my PSP to play iso/cso games. Sholud i buy a separate battery & memory card to install the CFW. I just dont know,what to do!!! Please help..
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