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    can i hack psp-3000 6.30?

    I bought a psp and i have OFW 6.30 on it. Is mine hackable? if so how do i go about doing that?
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    Best Set-up for PSP-3000 and PSP-GO

    I'm going on a two week trip to Asia this weekend so I'm bringing 2 PSPs: a 3000 and a GO to get me through the long flight. The Go currently has a really old version of PRO, I think 6.35 Pro-B. The PSP-3000 is currently unhacked. The PSP-GO is the normal US version, while the PSP-3000 is the...
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    is an PSP-3000 LCD screen compatible with a PSP-2000?

    i was just wondering if anyone has tried to replace a broken slim LCD screen for a brite LCD screen? can the brite screen work in a slim console?
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    psp-3000 scan line possible fix?

    ".....But in its effort to deal with the ghosting issue, Sony's cure may have been worse than the disease. By increasing the screen's refresh rate, the new PSP seems to introduce a variety of video artifacts onto the screen. They appear as scanlines or jaggies, as if the image is interlaced...
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    Question about PSP-3000

    Hello, I have a PSP-3000 with 5.03 official firmware (OFW?). The question I have relates to which hacked firmware is the most update for the PSP-3000, in addition, where can I find the most up to date guide on how to hack my PSP-3000? My main usage for the PSP would be psp games, ps1, using a...
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    5.03 GEN C PSP-3000 model user looking to upgrade

    I am not a noob, and I do know how to read the tutorials, but I am very much paranoid. I read to see if my model can be upgraded to a new CFW, and it said yes. Checked out...
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    PSP-3000 6.39 PRO NIGHTLY Popsloader help!

    Recenly I had many problems with the popsloader for PSP-3000 running 6.39 Pro-Nightly. I downloaded iamafreak's popsloader pack and then I chose the right pops version. My PSX game worked like a charm, BUT it had a problem. Every time when I turn off the PSP, and turn on again, the Sony logo...
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    [PSP-3000] CFW 5.03 Prome-4 ??

    Hello all! I'm a newbie to PSP hacking and am having some troubles here. Came across your Forums so I thought this would be the best place to get help. With reference to the following link: I'm having trouble locating an...
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