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    MY AAXA P1 Pico Projector with my PSP 3000 - Simpsons!!!

    Check it out :) I love this unit it's pretty bad ass. Only downside is the speaker is sort of weak, so I usually use headphones or my bro has some self-powered speakers he lets me borrow!
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    Can you connect a PS3 Controller to a PSP 3000, or transfer UMDs to the PSP Go?

    I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place but I thought this would be the best section to post my question in. I own a PSP 1000, a PSP 3000, a PSP Go, and a PS3 (I also own a PS1, PS2 fat, and PS2 Slim but that's not important right now XD). I just recently recieved the Kingdom Hearts...
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    My New Radient Red PSP 3000

    I finally upgraded from my 1000 after the news of 6.20 TN and got a nice Radient Red PSP 3000. Am really happy with it apart from the lack of accessories in the box compared to when I got the 1000. It luckily came with 6.20, I was getting worried they might start shipping with 6.31 soon so...
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    psp 3000 doesnt detect a certain memory stick

    psp 3000 doesnt detect a certain memory stick but it can detect another memory stick(not even my pc can detect them).It keeps flashing the orange led light
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    PSP 3000 Battery Mod?

    Is there any mod that lets me replace my UMD drive and put a battery instead?
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    PSP 3000 Camera

    How much megapixel is PSP 3000 camera..and how much price would be in the sony official store?
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    Help with my psp 3000 button

    My psp 3000 funcition button stuck ( circle, cross, square, triangle button) and i think the reason is the rubber conductor was bad after a longtime playing. I found a store with this product can i use this with...
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    PSP 3000 Radio Transmitter

    I picked up one of these that was supposedly for the 3000, and the part that looks like a mini-usb was too fat. Wondering if there is anything out there that will work?
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    Bought psp 3000 with 6.37, can hack?

    I'm new here, hi! I just bought a (2nd hand) psp 3000 with 6.37 I would like to hack, to play free games. That's all. I'm reading so many different things about HEN (but only up to 6.35?), about pandora battery with magic memory stick, about downgrading to 5.00 or something.. And also found HBL...
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    psp 3000 ofw 6.35 cfw 6.35 pro only 3 questions plz

    1... wat cfw should i use for it , should i keep this 6.35 pro or change and y please 2. do i need a separate homebrew enabler along with this cfw . and if i do need wat should b it. 3. whenver i try to sign up in hacked mode for psn , it says http error 5502 , and in unhacked mode it asks...
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    Can a PSP 3000 make a pandora battery?

    I bricked my PSP 1000 (Installing Prome-4) and all I have is my PSP 3000, Can i make a Pandora battery using a 3000?
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    PSP 3000 v5.50

    Hello fellows, i'm new here and still looking forward to my psp 3000 v5.50 to be it possible now to hack or downgrade my psp? thanks alot for your replies..
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    pSp 3000 6.35

    Is there a possibility of a permanent custom firmware for a psp 3000 6.35 ???
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    How to play MAME games on psp 3000 6.35 pro b4

    I have a psp 3001 with 6.35 pro B4 on it, i can play iso/cso, psx, sega games on it , but is there any way or any emulator by which i can play MAME game on my psp. i have already tried out MAME4all v 4.9r2 and pspMame r0.6 but no success. Thanks
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    help on psp 3000 and psp go

    hi i havent been on here lately and i have 6.20tn hen on my psp 3000 and on my my psp go i have 6.35 tn hen . for the psp 3000 is there now a permanent patch and is a signed 6.20 TN-C Released – It’s Signed Too! means permant? is 6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch good to use on a psp 3000? and help to...
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    Pls Help me.... i have a psp 3000 and i dont know how to upgrade it to be able to pla

    Pls Help me.... i have a psp 3000 and i dont know how to upgrade it to be able to play naruto 3... i have a psp system software 5.03... thanks a lot 4 helping
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    Psp 3000

    Hello, im new here, so i dont understand very much of this :) I would like to know if there is a permanent firmware change on a Red PSP 3000 v6.30, that works fine. And what is the guide i can use. Sorry to bother :)
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    Psp 3000 with 6.37

    Rather new to this but the psp 3000 my friend recently gave me came preloaded with 6.37. For now it seems if I want to do anything involving iso's I'm just going to have to wait, which is fine. As far as this goes I have a few questions. What are my options?(if any) What will I actually be able...
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    can i get ir shell on psp 3000 6.35 pro a2

    plz tell me , i read and searched on internet that latest version of ir shell is 5.2 but its not working , any body can help me , any suggestions, my ofw is 6.35 and cfw is 6.35pro a2
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    Help with PSP 3000 custom firmware

    Hi, I first want to thank everyone here for all of their hard work bringing all of this awesome stuff to the PSP! You guys are all great and I appreciate all of your efforts! I've read some of the tutorials on installing CFW and I just want to make sure that I install the best one. I'm asking...
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