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    NBA 2k11 on a PSP 3000 gen-C

    I have a PSP 3000 gen-C and I'm trying to play NBA 2k11, but it's not working. Can anyone help me? Thanks..
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    Need Help With My PSP 3000

    I have here a PSP 3000 5.03 gen-c and I can't play games like MLB 11 the show & NBA 2k11. When I start the game the scrren would turn to color gray and says "The Game could not be started"and then go back to main screen. And theres a number under it (80020148) But I can play games like Tekken...
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    Need help my psp 3000 6.20 i dont know what homebrew to use or to hack?

    pls help me im a noob of this hack thing plss help me....
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    psp 3000 5.50 ofw hack

    hi, my friend got psp 3000 with 5.50. what method is the best to play game from memory card? i search on google and on, but i can't find the answer.
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    5.03 gen on psp 3000 wont play umd 3.95 madden 09

    I just modded my psp 3000 yesterday and I can't get my madden 09 retail copy to play and it only requires a 3.95 firmware. Does anyone know what to do because I can't find the answer. I have gen-c full on psp3000. I've researched error codes.
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    PSP 3000 BSOD 5.03 Gen - C

    Hi I am currently using a PSP 3004 with 5.03 Gen C. When I turn it on I get a blue screen saying "PSP setting information is corrupted. Press O...." in many different languages. When I press O, the PSP reboots and I get the same screen again. I cannot access anything. Please help! EDIT : Tried...
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    psp 3000 v5.70 can be hacked?

    is it hopeless to hack psp3000 v5.70
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    How do i custom firmware my psp 3000???

    Hi there im new to this forum and have a psp 3000 model and want to hack my psp and have no idea how to do this ive search the net and cant find anything for my model. If somebody can plz help that would be great thanks azz
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    psp 3000 6.35 pro b9 beta , how to make game categories folders?

    plz help me guys , i have tried everything b4 posting here, when evr i click on ms in game menu in vsh , it gives me my games and homebrew , if i press square , it gives me 5 folders named neogoe playstation one and psp etc , they are present by default as u must know , if i press triangle , it...
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    PSP 3000 and CFW 6.60

    So I want to hack my PSP and the version is 6.60. Where can I find a reliable guide?
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    Psp 3000 6.20 Pro B9 Pspfiler and gotube

    Is there any similar programs or versions that work with 6.20, i was using 5.03 chickhen but i decided to move on and i want these programs.
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    PSP 3000 help?

    I really want to find out what motherboard my psp has, but I have 6.37 firmware. Could anyone help me by giving me a step by step guide in finding out?
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    Error 80010018 when trying to update semi bricked PSP 3000

    Have PSP 3000 with 6.20 Pro-B9 Perma that is in semi bricked state. Tried using the app by punker69 to fix a semi bricked psp but when trying to install the update it gives the " error 80010018 cannot read memory stick....". Have an official Sony MS and reads fine on my other psp. Also...
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    psp 3000 6.39 which cfw ?

    i got a psp 3000 with ofw 6.39 which cfw should i flash ? should i stay at 6.39 or should i go up to 6.60 ? and which cfw ?
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    PSP 3000 Ususability?

    I am very interested in buying the new PSP Brite/3000 But from what I hear you cannot use the CFW on it yet because of not being able to use the Pandora's Battery I plan to run Emulators and run PSX titles But I have no idea where to start and didn't bother to read the guides since it might be...
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    PSP 3000 Vs. 2000

    Okk well i always wanted a PSP and i have money to buy one now but i have some queries. Should i risk the buying a 3000 and not hacking it or buying a 2000 and hack it? Is there an accessory for the 2000 with a microphone? What other software differences are there with 3000-2000? I'm from...
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    Will these gold stickers for the psp 3000 fit on my psp 2000?

    I was wondering if these stickers for the psp 3000 would fit on my 2000...
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    high-cap battery for psp 3000?

    hey guys. i'm about to get a psp 3000, but i want to get a high capacity battery for it. i know that 2400 mAh batts exist, but they're all generic-ass chinese crap. does sony make a 2200/2400, or at least some decent american 3rd-party place? EDIT: what happens when you delete a game from the...
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    FM transmitter for PSP 3000

    Hi All, Was wondering - is there a decent FM transmitter for the PSP 3000? Tried fleabay and searching t'internet but nothing decent so far. Would like to use my psp as an in car MP3 player and have my tunes coming out my car speakers. Any help would be much appreciated. Yours beard...
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    Pico projector worth it for PSP 3000?

    Anyone here using a pico projector (or any projector) with their PSPs? AAXA just released a cable for the PSP At $239 might be worth a shot??? Thoughts??? Can you play games also or only view videos?
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