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    6.37 CFW on PSP-1000?

    Is there a way to get 6.37 or spoof it on the 1000? I have 5.00 M33-6 on my PSP-1000 currently, with the 6.xx spoofer, but games I recently bought are demanding 6.37. Been hunting through the forums but I haven't seen anything definitive yet.
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    PSP-1000 5.50 Prometheus

    I installed cfw on my PSP1000 probably 2 years ago, i dont know where to go to upgrade to the latest CFW compatible with my 1000. currently it has 5.50 Prometheus on it, i would like the latest and greatest, and info on how to install over the one i have now. any info is much appreciated...
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    Replacement Battery for PSP-1000 / Phat

    My battery is finally starting to not hold a charge on my old PSP-1000 Phat. I do have a pandora, but I'm hesitant to mod that to a regular battery on the likelyhood I'll need to use it again (5 kids + myself with CFW PSPs in the house). I can only find batteries for the slims. First, will...
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    How to replace right speaker in a PSP-1000?

    I bought my PSP used, and so far its awesome, i love it. But the only thing i have a problem with is that the right speaker is dead. Is it a very difficult repair? So far all i have done is removed the faceplate to clean off sticky buttons. I bought this thing used at an amazing price. I...
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    Bought a used PSP-1000: Version is 6.10

    I'm brand new at this and I learned that a PSP-1000 is the easiest to work with. I have a PSP-2000 but it has the newer motherboard and it's currently version 6.37, so I figured I'd get a brand new PSP and hold my version 2000 as a back-up or sell it. So, since it's version 6.10, what can I do...
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    Best CFW for PSP-1000 Currently?

    Hello all, I have not updated my PSP Fat for the longest time and it's currently at 5.00 M33. I've read on this thread that 5.50 GEN-D3 is recommended for my PSP, but that thread was last updated in January. Which CFW...
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    Firmware help for PSP-1000...

    I've been out of the scene, but recently I started playing my PSP again, and I've wanted to play some games my friend bought from PSP, problem is I need to have version 6.20. I currently have 4.01 M33. My question is, what is the most recent custom firmware I can get for my PSP-1000? I was...
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    Unbrick PSP-1000??

    So yeah, I have a few issues with my PSP-1000 earlier. I touched the flash0, and then it bricked. I can't access recovery mode for your information. So is there anyway to recover the flash0 and save the PSP. And yes, I don't want to waste much money to buy that Datel shit. I just want to solve...
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