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    Does latest PSP Go firmware allow PSN availability?

    What firmware should I use on my PSP Go to use homebrew, but still be able to use the PSN network to download games?
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    So Hello guys, I need help Can I play with my psp 3001 6.39 cfw Pro-b6-7-8 Psn Games? Any way?
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    PSN is down?

    PSN is down? I cant sign up When it go down
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    FuSa and PSN Lover: Is there a way these work on 6.20 TN CFW?

    I'm running a PSP Go with 6.20 TN-D Permanent. I actually downgraded from 6.35 Pro-B5 because I heard more plugins worked on the older firmware. Remotejoylite seems to work. ISO support seems to work as well, as does CWCheat, but I haven't been able to get FuSa SD to work. Haven't tried PSN...
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    CFW and PSN compatability questions and more...

    I'm new to modding a PSP and I think I pretty much figured out how to mod my PSP 1001 (6.60 OFW) using these two tutorials (I'm posting them just in case you guys find that there is something wrong or outdated about them)
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