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    Xenogears PSN [SLUS_00664] CWCheats

    Xenogears PSN CWCheats _S SLUS_00664 _G Xenogears _C0 BART CODES\Gear MOD _L 3006DB2C 00?? _C0 BART CODES\Learn A Skills _L 8006DB1C FFFF _L 8006DB1E FFFF _L 8006DB20 FFFF _L 8006DB22 FFFF _L 8006DB24 FFFF _L 8006DB26 FFFF _L 8006DB28 FFFF _L 8006DB2A FFFF _C0 BART CODES\Low Weight _L 3006DB03...
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    Sonic Adventure 2 on XBLA and PSN?

    Old Dreamcast title could make a comeback. A crafty NeoGAF user has screen-grabbed a listing for Sonic Adventure 2 for XBLA on, which has since been removed. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Xbox Summer of Arcade: dates and prices confirmed Assassin's Creed 3...
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    Iwata: Xbox Live and PSN are too far developed for Nintendo to catch up

    Current online platforms 'not particularly well suited' to the Nintendo approach. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes that the numerous years Sony and Microsoft have spent developing their online platforms has left Nintendo behind and that rushing to "overcome or catch up" to them wouldn't...
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    psn Help!

    think i have done everything fine using fpsn 0.6 get into psn but asks for a software update as we know this is a no go any ideas?
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    5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4 and PSN

    Is playstation network possible on 5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4? Error Code 20000002
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    PSN on CFW

    Does PSN Lover no longer work? I tried to download something, but I get the 80551001 error. And I've had it work for me before in the past. Using PSP-1000 with GEN-D3
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    Chronoswitch Downgrader - 6.20 PRO B9 - No PSN??

    Hi, I just downloaded and used the awesome Chronoswitch downgrader to get my 09g to 6.20. I then installed PRO B9, perma-patched it, and now PSN won't work. It says "connection error occured 20000006". Is that the fault of The downgrader or PRO? Please let me know. Thanks! :mrgreen:
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    PSN games on PSP with 5.50 Prome-4 can they be played?

    I'm running 5.50 Prome-4 and I just downloaded Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, but so far I haven't been able to play it. Its an EBOOT.pbp file from the PSN. I get an intro screen and then it turns my PSP off. Is this typical of the PSN releases or is there a way to make them work?
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    Safe for PSN access?

    Ok i bought my PSPGo today and i just finished adding custom firmware, i have 6.20 Pro B9 and am wondering if it is safe to use the PSN for purchasing and downloading games? Or do i need 6.60 Pro B9 or something like that (if it exists that is) or does it not matter if my PSPGo is running 6.20...
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    5.50 Gen-B PSN Question

    Ok so i tried to DL a game, no go, fine no big deal. But my question is, because PSN requires an update for access, what if i buy and download a game to the PS3 and then transfer it to my psp that way?
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    6.20 Psn Psx games on 5.50 Gen-D4

    I have a PSP 1001 with 6.20 OFW and bought FF9 , my favorite game the day it was released. I have 150+ hours in my save game! Plus a speedrun, and a perfect save, and a level one game. I used to TN-C hack and downgraded my PSP to 5.03 and then upgraded to 5.50 OFW. I then used...
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    psn license problems

    i cant get my psn games to load so i now want to remove the license from them
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    Connection with PSN has timed out

    PSN worked before I added prom-4 to my GEN-D3. Does anyone know how to fix this? xP
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    Unknown Error code PSN

    So I used PSNLover to get my psn to work because I have 5.50 Prome 4. After getting PSNLover now I have a new error when trying to sign up with psn. Here it is: "A Connection error has occured (80551021) So far Searching google and the forus has not given any results.
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    Games that can be played WITHOUT PSN?

    So have been searching for games that me and my friend could play together through infrastructure and almost ALL of them require logging into PSN! Now, normally that wouldn't be an issue but it doesn't help that we both ave 5.50 Prome 4 and trying to signup for PSN produces an error ...
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    PSN Lover problem

    Hi, I install the PSN Lover into my psp but when i try to go into Playstation Store is says "Connection Error - 80551201"? What went wrong? Pls help. Thanks.
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    PSN access and getting back into the scene

    I haven't played around with my PSP3000 in a while, but I have it still at 5.03 with either CFW3.7 or Gen-C, I forget. There are so many new tutorials now about versions past 5.03, and it's not clear if I need to go to one of those newer versions to do things like get PSN access (How? I want to...
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    PSN Password Recovery Homebrew?

    I can't remember my password and the forgotten password option is broken on the PSN site right now, is there any way to recover it from my PSP? Running 5 M33-6 on a 1001 right now.
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    psn download problems..

    aight .. sooo i finally got cfw 6.20 pro-8 and cwcheats installed .. updated the .db file to include MHFU cheats.. and when i go to play mhfu psn download it shows up as it being FF disseda demo ... ummm anyone know how to fix it? .. also i have the umd and tested cwcheat with it .. and it...
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    Does latest PSP Go firmware allow PSN availability?

    What firmware should I use on my PSP Go to use homebrew, but still be able to use the PSN network to download games?
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