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    Does 6.35 PRO B support PS2 games?

    Can I play PS2 games on my psp?
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    ps3 or ps2 controller on psp

    any way to use the ps3 controller on the psp 2000 with cfw? or use the ps2 controller without having to open up my psp? also I saw this anybody willing to make this? if some one is I will be happy to pay for your work and shipping
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    Ps2 games on psp

    hi everyone i was thinking like with the ps1 games doing that to a ps2 and making it into an eboot. any ideas of it will work.
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    Can I control my ps2 using my PSP 1000 IR port?

    I know it wouldn't really work all that well due to lack of dual sticks but I'm not exactly able to buy a real ps2 controller atm... Is there anyway to control the ps2 using my psp via some sort of hack... like the IR port or something? I know it can control TV... what about ps2?
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    dragonballz 3 for ps2

    even though i own newer systems i can never get sick of this game. such to keep around this system just for this game but i haven't been able to find it for a newer system. i tried it for wii fyi but its not the same.
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