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    Castlevania - Symphony Of The Night - PS1 - ALL endings

    Castlevania - Symphony Of The Night - PS1 - ALL endings Developer: KCET Producer: Konami Year: 1997 Genre: Platform (multi-scrolling) N. max of players: 1 N. of level: 1 Difficulty: medium Restart once finished: no
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    Playing PS1 games w/o updating?

    Hi all! Newbie here. Just bought a PSP 1001 with hopes of modding in the future. For now, I wanted to play some of my PS1 games that I purchased from the PSN. I've done enough research to know that I should avoid updating my firmware (currently sitting at 4.05) but without updating I'm unable...
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    ps1 on a 6.20

    ok, i use to have tn-A hen and every psp game work just fine with promotheus. Now i put the pro-B4 and the isos load from the root like a charm. I tryed some ps1 and none of them worked. .iso .cue .bin i put in the same place as the psp ones. What can i do ?? i reeeeally wanna play ps1 games !!!!
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    PS1 on PSP

    Hi guys, So i have a PSP 1000 running 5.50 Prome-4. I have bought quite a few PS1 games off the Playstation store. A few months ago I was able to copy the PSP Games that I downloaded on my PS3 to my PSP with custom firmware and they played no problem. Since i've updated to Prome-4 I have...
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    PS1 On 6.37

    is it possible to sign ps1 games like some iso's under 728mb?
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    ps1 to psp?

    Hy guys! how do i convert ps1 games to play on my psp. i got a few games, original from a friend. thanks for your help.
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    ps1 psx games wont start on psp 6.39 ME-5

    i have psp fat 1000, version 6.39 ME-5 i have resident evil2 on my psp in .PBP format and in \PSP\GAME folder. i see the game on the psp menu put when i start it, it just show me the ps1 logo and then it freezes i can go bake to home mune with the home button but cant play the game, can anyone...
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    PS1 help

    is there a tutorial somewhere? its been a while since ive used PS1 games on here.
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    Organizing PSP and PS1 games together with Game_Categories?

    I'm using Game_categories v12 on context menu mode...I'm trying to make a 'Final Fantasy' category but every time i categorize PSP and PS1 games together, the PS1 games won't run. Has anyone been able to get them to work while categorized together? I took the time to make my own matching...
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    Zsnes and PS1 emulators

    Hi there, Can someone please help me? I want to install zsnes and ps1 emulators. any link to how i can install them? Im trying for the PS1 but i get to a part where is says to copy a code to a "pops.txt" but i dont even have a pops.txt file nor anything in the seplugins folder. I already...
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