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    the proper way to raise your kid...

    thought I'd share this with the likes of you; she knows only 1 console :lol: DSC04943.jpg
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    Proper Dreamcast Etiquette

    Have some questions I've been wanting to ask for quite some time in hopes of getting some feedback. it concerns the following... How do you go about with your Dreamcast when it comes to... -Turning off you console after playtime. Do you just turn it off? Do you leave your discs in the console...
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    Is This a Proper Price for Sealed King of Fighters?

    Hi. Not sure if this King of Fighers is a flop but it's USD$ 125 (it's sealed though). Is that a fair price for sealed? If not what's a good price for a sealed one like that? I can't find a sealed one like that that has sold or auctioned successfully (clicking the sold listing button) King of...
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    Wii U controller image leak shows proper analogue sticks

    Wii U branding also added. A QA tester for Traveller's Tales, the developers of Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and - if the rumours are true - Lego Lord of the Rings, has leaked an image of a revised version of the Wii U controller. Click here to read the full article More...
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