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    Propeller Arena Boxed Set

    Saw this the other day. Neat item. Flickr Flickr It's silly, but as a collector, I do get excited about semi-official looking printed cardboard and paper :)
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    Propeller Arena

    Yeah, that game that was never released. Many years ago I saw someone on ebay selling a professionally made PAL copy of that game, in a Dreamcast case, with front, back, a printed disc, and a manual, all made using the same materials as a real Dreamcast game, using leaked scans of what was...
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    Petition for sega to release Propeller Arena on Steam, Xbox Live, PSN and Nintendo Network

    There is a petition for sega to release propeller arena on steam , xbxo live , psn and nintendo network , it would be great to finally see this game playable with online and updated graphics , surely this has a better chance of succeding that the whole dreamcast 2 thing I mean they got 32,000...
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    Where Do I Go To Download Propeller Arena To Burn on a Disc?

    Propeller Arena if you don't know is a cancelled arena based flight combat game that was fortunately leaked on the internet for people to download, burn, & play on their Dreamcast, if you want more info please watch this video Propeller Arena Review (Dreamcast) - YouTube Fun Fact: They Cancelled...
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