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    5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4 problem... cant get themes to work

    SO I have followed all the instructions I can find.. copied over CXMB folder and contents to the root, created a seplugins folder and the vsh.txt and game txt edited vsh.txt and i still cant get plugins to work.... i just want the win 7 plugin as my theme...
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    5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4 and PSN

    Is playstation network possible on 5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4? Error Code 20000002
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    Major Lag Issues in 5.00 m33 Prom 4

    Hi guys. I've been trying to fix my lag issues in Dissidia games (Both old and 012 ones) for days now. There's still no improvements -__- So I decided to try ask for some help. Any help would be really greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Problems; I have been on 4.01 m33-2 (I think) for a...
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    need help 4.01 m33-2 to prom 4

    pls help me guys i'm noob at tech stuff i have a psp 200 4.01 m33-2 and need to make it to prom 4 pls help me tnx in advance ( sorry for my bad english) (mga pinoys jan turuan nyu q heheh ^^)
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