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    Some questions, PSPGO running CFW 6.39 PRO-B7

    Thanks for reading. First off, just making sure 6.39 PRO-B7 is a correct CFW for the PSP GO. I've read here ( that it will brick a PSP GO, though it is running absolutely fine. More importantly, I've searched and read under the release it is compatible...
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    Corrupt Data FFIX 6.35 PRO-B7

    Hey i was playing FFIX today (PSN Version... i saved and it was ok... but when i went to a shop it crashed.. then said that it couldn't read the card... now my save data corrupted... is there anyway that i could save it or have i lost it forever :(
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    Nees Help on 6.20 PRO-B7 cwcheat

    hi. im having problem on my psp go cfw 6.20 pro-b7 cwcheat ive already download the cheat.db file and put it in my cwcheat folder but when i try to open the cheat on my game only patapon 2 shows up on the cheat list. can anyone tell me on what to do on this problem?
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