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    Updating previous CFW

    Hey all! I jailbroke my PSP a long long time ago, installing CFW 5.00 M33. However today I bought The 3rd Birthday (big Parasite Eve fan) and it requires a much more updated version of the firmware to what I have installed. Just to put things in perspective, I have an old PSP Fat 1000, one of...
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    Noob Psp 1000 problem with previous hack

    Ok first things first. I have a PSP 1004 it has been hacked (not by me as I do not know what I would be doing) and was working fine but I decided to upgrade the memory card (I have a MS pro due dual adapter) from 8gb to 16gb. I added the 8gb card to the duel slot but the PSP didn't pick up the...
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