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    Story behind DC President white box?

    Hi there, I recently found this boxed Dreamcast online: I was surprised because I had never seen this type of box in white, I'd always seen the regular orange release. Does anyone know more about this version? Was it on sale at the same time as the orange one? Was it released afterwards?
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    President of Milestone (radirgy, karous, etc) arrested

    Chaos Field Developer Milestone Has Closed, Company President Arrested - Siliconera
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    EA Games president talks pitfalls of new IP

    <p>Q&A: Frank Gibeau says pre-holiday release windows partially to blame for slow starts of Dead Space, Mirror's Edge; all Wii development now done in Montreal. </p><p><img src=""></p><p> In 2008, Electronic Arts gave gamers what they had been clamoring for...
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