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  1. C

    Post your Dreamcast setups!

    I was thinking we should show people were we play. So ill go first, I have to use this setup if I want to play online, also have to sit on the floor. BTW yes the top is painted and it didnt turn out as planed so I didnt do bottom, looks kinda cool the way it is anyway
  2. C

    09-09-09 Celebration Post Forum

    This pic is from Radkin, she made me post this because she beat me in Unreal Tournament (killer). HPIM2209.JPG
  3. C

    75th Post Special: My Online History

    While not DC-related, I thought I'd share a fact about me. But first, I just want to say thank you to everyone that supported me. And although 75 posts doesn't seem like much, it is a good start. So, here it is, the history of my online experiences. Enjoy...
  4. C

    Deleting Post

    Hello, Good afternoon everybody. Here I am sharing a great website for modest dresses. Here you will find various modest dresses including Modest Casual/Church Dresses, Modest Shirts & Tops, Modest Skirts, Women's Bermuda Shorts, Modest Swimwear, Modest Semi-Formal & Homecoming Dresses etc. Most...
  5. C

    If you think your Dreamcast is unique post a Pic ;)

    Here's mine (I had to have Sonic Adventure 2 in there that game is awesome) :D
  6. C

    Post Mortem dreamcast favorite games?

    I have always been curious about what games people play now that they didn't play when the dc was relevant. Or maybe what games do you love now but you just wouldn't have picked up back then? For me when the system was new I wanted sonic adventure, army men,and all things star wars, and of...
  7. C

    Post your setups

    I'm not sure if it belongs in this section, since the pics will prolly hold more than just a DC. feel free to move it mods (and perhaps stickie it?). I finally got my last cable today to set it up like this in the bedroom:
  8. F

    The last Ranker ULJM-05676 Cheats (Many Cheats)

    _S ULJM-05676 _G N _C0 Max Money _L 0x2165A594 0x000F423F _C0 Upgrade experience = 1 _L 0x2165A590 0x00000001 _C0 HP [current, ordinary state] Max _L 0x5165A598 0x00000002 _L 0x0165A59C 0x00000000 _C0 HP [Currently, a state of war] Max _L 0x60BF8DB4 0x00000002 _L 0x00010002 0x0000FDC8 _L...
  9. C

    Wrong post

    Hi! Can someone please erase this?
  10. C

    Does PSP Go!Cam 450 work on PSP Fatboy Version 1004? - Not duplicate post

    First, I deleted my other post with this question as it did not really belong in the same post that was concerning software related issue. I am willing to upgrade my son's psp fatboy to 6.31 prome-4 in order to use the Go!Cam 450 and invizimals. However, I dont want to go thru that effort...
  11. C

    can someone post the link

    to chickhen for 6.20 ofw on a psp 1004?
  12. F

    Fallout: A Post Nuclear Adventure

    Better armor class Note: This trick requires v1.0 of the game. Get a bag and some armor. Equip the armor, then enter the bag. Drop the armor off of your character, then pick it up. Repeat to build your armor class.
  13. W

    all cheat codes for mario kart post here!

    thank you =)
  14. F

    Info about spamming to raise post count

    If your thinking about spamming to raise your post count so you can view the rsbot forum. Don't do it, otherwise if you get caught, you can expect a ban. If you see spam, report it using the report post button If your thinking about spamming to raise your post count so you can view the...
  15. F

    Three new post icons added

    These are for the gameboy area of the site, the new icons include: DS GBA Gameboy Please use these when chatting in the gameboy forums
  16. F

    new smilies & post icons

    There are several more to choose from now.
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