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    Human: Fall Flat PORT – OUT NOW on Xbox!

    Human: Fall Flat PORT – OUT NOW on Xbox!
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    Controller port problems

    I bought a third party controller, made by Performance. It proceeded to fry my controller ports. I have read everything from replacing the "5 ohm resistor" at location F1 on the controller PCB with a 10 ohm resistor, to replacing the ".39 amp pico fuse" at location F1 on the controller PCB with...
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    pin-out on the serial port / neogeo cable thing?

    So I was successful at making a really cool sd card adapter out of a vmu shell, but now I'm making one that plugs into the serial port via my neo geo pocket cable thingy. Upon cracking the shell on this thing, it has like 12 wires (starting from one side, #1 is red, ending in a brown #12). The...
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    DC Serial Port

    What does the DC serial port really do other than ripping DC games and linking certain games?
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    Possible to port Epsiode II and IV of PSO to dreamcast?

    It should be the same engine so it should have the same (similar, i mean) files. Wouldn't it be possible just to extract the contents of episode II and IV and replace them over the Dreamcast's episode I? Then the title could be changed so there would be the epiosde under the title. Im just...
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    Daytona USA 2 Dreamcast port?

    Would this be possible, if it is, why don't the guys who make new Dreamcast games today focus on making a port of Daytona USA 2 for DC.
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    Kung Fu Factory's "Girl Fight" port to Dreamcast

    Hey guys, I was looking at this game called "Girl Talk" by Kung Fu Factory and after watching the review and noticing that the game doesn't look as high end as most games today, and it looks like soul calibur/ doa2 graphic wise I decided to look for the developers and I didn't find an email...
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    Future Petitions / Port Requests to Developers

    "You can't win if you don't try" ... And so, even if there won't be Girl Fight on DC, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try, try again. Please post ideas in this thread for potential games we could rally around. Or to discuss the idea of doing so: the pros and cons, etc. One I was reading about...
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    MvC2: Dreamcast Port Still Preferred?

    Here is a fun fact. At a fighting game tournament called Season's Beatings: Velocity in Ohio, October 2011, a $1000 sixteen-man, winner-take-all tournament was held for Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Their choice of system, the Dreamcast. Apparently, the 360/PS3 versions are not arcade perfect. I know...
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    Armada Online Dreamcast Port

    Alright, so as some of you may know, a couple of the original creators of the Dreamcast game, Armada, are working on a sequel for the PC called Armada Online. I just recently found out about this after having bought the original. So I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, the developers would be...
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    Can someone port this to DC ?

    Eternal Champions: The Thin Strings of Fate • Homebrew Games • Downloads @ The Iso Zone YouTube
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    What DC arcade port would be quickest to beat?

    What arcade port to DC would take the least amount of time to beat on their default settings? I was pondering this today, as the DC has many arcade ports which are quite short to do a playthrough from start to end. Most of the shmups, including gigawing 2 and Chaos Field would probably take...
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    Postal Now Open Source, Devs Asking for Dreamcast Port

    The source code for the original Postal has been released and the original devs are requesting that someone port it to the Dreamcast! Well I guess technically they said "Dremcast" but I'm fairly certain that's a typo. :lol: Some talented developer get on this and add online multiplayer while...
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    Can I control my ps2 using my PSP 1000 IR port?

    I know it wouldn't really work all that well due to lack of dual sticks but I'm not exactly able to buy a real ps2 controller atm... Is there anyway to control the ps2 using my psp via some sort of hack... like the IR port or something? I know it can control TV... what about ps2?
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    USB port question

    Is there any way I can watch my videos from my portable hard drive using the a normal slim ps2 with no mod chips or anything. Is there a way I could run linux from the hard drive or something? This may be a stupid question but I really have not got a clue.
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