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    I really need help, plz

    I have pretty much tried everything! If someone can pretty much give me step by step instruction for my individual case that would be great okay for I have a Psp Fat aka 1000 running 6.20 Official firmware what are the needed steps in order to hack this?
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    Help plz for emulators

    I'm runing 6.00 OFW the patapon HBL for my emulators my snes is slow but i was wondering if i upgrade to 6.20 and pro b4 if i can still get all the emulators mainly just nes,snes,n64. If i can can u link the emulators plz don't want to screw up my psp.
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    plz help ,,, psp memory stick not using any content

    i recently plugged psap ona shared copmuter , and i got a virus which created exe file of every thing like VIDEO>EXE etc, i cleaned it using an antivirus but now when i open it i shows nothing , absolutely nothing, i tried to unhide the hidden files , nothing evethen , the used memory is same 6...
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    help plz , regarding opera mini on 6.35

    i m using psp 3003 and i tried to install opera mini on it , but the screen after launching pspkvm just stays black , is there any way to use it on psp 3000 . my ofw is 6.35 and i m using cfw 6.35 pro b9 beta.... i have read some where it doesnt run on 6.35 and i have to downgrade to 6.20 , is...
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    plz help . pblm in downgrading 6.35 to 6.20

    guys, i have a pblm , when my downgrader launches and after i press x, it gives a blue screen and then says , game cannot be started, what that means , my psp is 3000 with 6.35 pro b9 and i m trying to downgrade to 6.20.. is it corrupt ofw 6.20 file or wat ,
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    psp 3000 ofw 6.35 cfw 6.35 pro only 3 questions plz

    1... wat cfw should i use for it , should i keep this 6.35 pro or change and y please 2. do i need a separate homebrew enabler along with this cfw . and if i do need wat should b it. 3. whenver i try to sign up in hacked mode for psn , it says http error 5502 , and in unhacked mode it asks...
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    old psp 3k help plz?

    ____________________________________________________ where i can buy original joystick of psp 3k and is there a tutorial how to open a psp 3k and replace the analog stick? ____________________________________________________
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    some help about plugins guys.....plz

    please help me with two things ist..... i have following plugins cxmb.prx boost.prx for audio boost mp3play.prx for mp3 play in games etc powermanager.prx i have just started learning these things , i edited game.txt and vsh.txt and ten copied these plugin files in seplugins folders and then i...
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    some basics plz about vsh menu...

    guys i have been trying to learn some basics . plz explain to me whatever u can cpu clock xmb,,,, its gives default and other values , on what should i place and y, same question for CPU clock game and plz tell me umd iso mode also. that m33 driver and np9660 sony mode last quetion plz , m...
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    the weirdest problem i could imagine ,,, plz help

    i connected my psp via data cable to a friends psp, since then i m ahving this problem , that on connection , the computer shows removable drive and when i open it, well it no more gives the usual psp seplugins video music etc folders , instead it opens codepage dic front vsh and my...
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    OK Im an EXTREME noob somebody plz help me

    I have a psp 2000 with 6.39 firmware, is there anyway to hack it? or get custom firmware?
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    Bricked my PSP 1000 while updating, plz help

    I was updating my psp and then accidently turned it off. Now when I turn it on the power light is green but the screen won't work. I don't have the money for a pandora and mms. Please help.
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    havent hacked my psp in a while........ need a lil help plz

    so its been a while since ive messed with this thing and i wanna upgrade to the best custom FW possible. i have an older psp fat FW 5.50 GEN-D2. just need a lil help or direction if you will. ,steve
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    someone plz help

    i need help can anyone help me hack my psp 2000 with v6.39 so i can run cfw on it plz help
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