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    Website Plugin

    Hello, Good morning everybody. Recently I have bought a website for my flower business. Now I want to design my website so that it attract my potential customers. I shall be grateful if someone help me to find a plugin that makes my website look like the website of emiratesflorist. Thanks in...
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    Corrupt Save Data on Torky's 6.30 plugin

    Hi guys, I have been playing Gods Eater Burst on my PSP-2000 5.00 M33. I found a version where I can the game without freezing. Only the Tutorial section was freezing other than that everything worked fine. I played the game till the last story mission. I beat the boss and then a cut-scene...
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    Help installing Torky's M33 6.20 Plugin

    Alright first things first.. if you didnt read my signature already, my PSP is a Model 1000 (Fat) and i just upgraded to firmware version 5.50 GEN-D3. also, i received this PSP hacked and ready to go, only thing ive done is upgrade the old firmware and installed a few plugins. im pretty much a...
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    FuSa SD Plugin: Play games and emulatorson any TV with any cable

    FuSa SD Homepage: It requires a slim PSP with custom firmware installed. Ben
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    CFW 6.35 Pro-B6 Plugin question

    So I was looking at the tutorial on how to install plugins on my psp and it said I needed to put my files in a seplugins folder, but I don't have one of those. I assume that older CFW puts this on your psp. Is it impossible to install Plugins with my CFW?
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    Plugin Help

    Hi Friends I Have PSP 3000 With CFW 6.39 B8. I Want To Run .AVI Files In My PSP Is It Possible?? If Yes Could You Guys Please Elaborate and Tell Me With All The Steps, As I'm Gona Do It For The 1st Time
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