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    PSP Phat with 6.20 TN-D using TempAR v1.60error

    When I tried to use TempAR cheat codes, then when i try to load a save on Kingdom Hearts, it's said to be corrupt. Then I exit the game. When I tried to load the game, all my games doesn't load (I'm using prometheus). I tried to take out the seplugins files, still didn't work. I tried to restart...
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    phat psp from 5.50 to 5.03

    hello,i have psp-fat,i was playing iso games but when i upgrade to 5.50 i there any way to play with 5.50 or what should i do?pls help..:sleep::sigh:
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    Am i able to hack my phat psp without a pandora battery?

    I want to hack my psp phat 1004 with OFW 5.51 Is it possible to hack my psp without the requirement of a pandora battery? Like upgrade to 6.20 and install 6.20 TN-A Hen or is this not possible? I hate to ask but i can't find any relevant information on the internet Thanx in advance
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    help to hack psp - phat

    Hi guys , you are my only chance to hack that psp. I got psp phat 1003 , Date code 6B, oficial firmware 5.01 what i need to hack that psp :) Please guys support me. :) Because that psp is now useless
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    Phat 5.00 M33-4 Upgrade??

    I've been out of the PSP loop for quite some time as you can tell by my firmware. Could someone point me in the right direction in upgrading to the latest custom firmware? Whats the best on to install and method to install it? Any help would be great
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    trouble flashing ofw 1.5 onto phat with hellcat's recovery flasher

    for nostalgia's sake, i wanted to flash 1.5 onto my 5.00 m33 psp phat and then update to 1.52 to feel what it was like when it was brand new. i select the 'install fresh 1.5 ofw' option in hellcat's recovery flasher. i have the 150 update eboot in root and the hellcat's starts dumping the...
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    New PSp phat screenI

    Well, I bought a PSP phat off a friend with a broken LCD. I'm not complaining, because I bought it for 40$. The question is, where can I buy a new screen for the PSP-1000?
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    PHOTOFAST CR-5400 for a Phat psp

    i read in another thread that PHOTO FAST CR-5400 may not work on a PSP 1000 and i was looking to upgrade from my 1gb card to as high as i could PHOTOFAST CR-5400 + 2x16GB MICRO SD = 32GB hell yeah! im running 4.01 cfw on phat PSP
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    Replacement Battery for PSP-1000 / Phat

    My battery is finally starting to not hold a charge on my old PSP-1000 Phat. I do have a pandora, but I'm hesitant to mod that to a regular battery on the likelyhood I'll need to use it again (5 kids + myself with CFW PSPs in the house). I can only find batteries for the slims. First, will...
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    Great PSP phat screen protector

    I have been looking around for screen protectors for the PSP Phat. What do you guys have, and how do you like it? I have heard mostly great things about 'Hori' brand. But I cant seem to find a hori psp phat screen protector. What do you guys recommend?
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    PSP Phat light up on its own

    Hi, My son have a PSP Phat that is plugged on his AC Adaptor but sometimes when he leave it alone he light up on his own. Without anyone being nearby. My son dropped his PSP Phat yesterday and it started doing this today. Any idea what could be the cause of the PSP lighting up on his own...
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    Does anyone Know If you can use a camera on a psp phat?

    I don't really know If you can or not I can't remeber and does anyone know how much they are?
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    So I Replaced My PSP Phat Screen, And...

    There is a gap between the silver and the black face-plate. Is this normal? Did I miss some screws or something? Here are some pics: Help me out. :D
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    psp phat battery

    Can someone please help me with this. i need a new battery for psp phat, what battery must i get, sony original or generic? and what UK web site can i buy it from? thanks
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    PSP Phat Fully Transparent Replacement Housing

    Hey guys, I've been searching through dealextreme and amazon for the last half an hour, but I can't seem to find just what I'm looking for: a fully transparent replacement house (with buttons and everything) for my PSP 1000. I saw a few that were transparent but with color, but I want just a...
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    were to buy a phat psp screen from

    ive had a good look on ebay but most of the creens are coming from hong kong is there anywere in the uk to buy from i need 3 thanks for help in advance
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    PSP Phat - best memory stick option

    hey all first post so be nice i had a quick hunt around and couldn't find a good answer... i want to know for sure the best option for an original PSP 1000 to get maximum storage space... i've read so many mixed things that i'd just love a good proper answer from hopefully someone with...
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    PSP Phat Analog Stick Problem

    I've done a search and looked at the various guides, but none can answer my question. I recently changed out my analog stick as it was jerky and uncomfortable to use. I bought one off ebay, switched it out no problem. When I started my PSP up I could only use up and down, left and right wasnt...
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    psp phat - what firmware should I use

    Hi I haven't used my psp in years and was wondering what firmware I should put on it. I think I am on something like 3.71 m33 (looking for charger but cant find it) Is that even a firmware? Anyway whatever it was I'm pretty sure it was 3.something and ended in something like m33. Thanks
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    I have a PSP Phat and a MacbookPro, what are my options for hacking my PSP

    Greetings, New member here. I was referred here by someone on BitGamer. Apparently you guys know your stuff. I have a PSP Phat and a Macintosh Computer. What are my options for putting custom firmware onto the PSP that will allow me to play game ISOs. I have preemptively ordered a Pandora...
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