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    Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus

    (M) (Jay007) EMKH-TTRG-1N2D7 97K6-Y8QK-QH3X9 Sticky Enemies (Enemies Cannot Move) (Jay007) JG0R-W1X5-UYH7B EZDH-XQT7-Q0CQP Z399-8AUA-G395V Q1R5-74WG-2R9P8 H95V-JU4A-ZG66Y
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    Phantasy Star Universe

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    Phantasy Star Online - Episode 3

    1 Amplum Uhmblah (Arkz Version- Use Ark Cards 1T20-4TD2-DJT4C MJE4-ZQJU-FVQ7U 2ANW-3640-TZFBD 2 Amplum Uhmblah (Hero Version - Use Hero Cards) DR8Z-Q11B-NWX8W XR4P-JFM9-8R4JA HJ9R-QZJ8-2H3FW 3 Leukon Knight RV0D-EHE3-9VRX2 H1F4-TVRJ-2CYTT PWQU-E7A8-YKYPH 4 Pollux NEFV-7ZKV-ZG1QX...
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    Phantasy Star Online - Episode 1&2 - Version 1.1 Codes (OFFLINE CODES ONLY)

    1 "(m)" T0U1-Y0N4-1RCNN VB3P-31QQ-KYP86 2 Code Note1 N/A 3 Journalistic Pursuit In Multi-Player GQPH-ZW5P-YMF4V GCNX-80Q4-Y4CGY QV4Y-RZWU-Z2X9J 3TN9-M1ZD-PY2VT 5VWB-AAZR-367Q3 4 Sonic 6J33-P4NQ-PJ6QV NMKA-BUUC-37WKF 5 Rico HNG4-AT9Q-7M1QF 7RUV-NQAF-VR84B 6 Flowen...
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    Phantasy Star Online - Episode 1&2 - Version 1.0 Codes (OFFLINE CODES ONLY)

    Notes 1 We are only posting codes that won't affect the online game. For example, codes that upgrade your character significantly - weapons, armor, experience, etc. - will not be posted here until the PSO servers go offline. We will not post codes that will allow you to...
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    Phantasy Star Online (USA)

    [h=3]Phantasy Star Online (USA)[/HEADING] Enable Code (Must Be On) 1EBF9758C0705040 Save To A Different Memory Card 154C151700000018 1234151600000008 1264151600000018
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    Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online Tribute videos

    Hello guys, I'm new here, but not to Dreamcast online. I made two tribute videos 3 years ago and thought that I'd share them with you. I have two videos: Phantasy Star Online Tribute: FEB -DEC 2006 [Dreamcast] and Phantasy Star Online Tribute: FEB-APR 2007 [Dreamcast] (HD). The HD vid is...
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    Phantasy Star Online 9th Anniversary!!!

    November 21, 2009 will mark the ninth anniversary of Phantasy Star Online V1 in Japan. The era of the Dreamcast has come and gone, their is an entire new generation of game consoles and even new Phantasy Star games. Yet, the original version is still online being played by a few die hard...
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    Phantasy star 0

    PS0 comes out tomorrow for the Nintendo DS. I will be getting a copy. Is anyone else here intending on getting a copy? If so we should play sometime!
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    looking to buy Phantasy Star Online, help?

    so im looking at Phantasy Star Online on ebay and iv noticed there is two versions version 1 and 2, i have never played Phantasy Star before so i would like some advice on what to buy. i did borrow it of a friend once and i know you have some sort of code to start playing it and as i didnt have...
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    Corrupted Phantasy Star Character

    Is there anyway to fix a corrupted Phantasy Star character? My character is corrupted, when I try to load it says A Button:Reload The file is also only 15 blocks, is there anyway to fix it? EDIT: I found out it can't be fixed, so I am starting a new character.
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    Custom Phantasy Star Disc

    Hello. I tried making a custom Phantasy Star disc, I got everything setup. But then I found out that boot dreams doesn't support commercial games (Katanna Binaries). Is there a program that does, I couldn't find one but maybe someone here with more experience could shed some light on it? Or...
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    Phantasy Star Online Ver 2 Mag/photon question

    Hey guys, So I've started playing from scratch again as my favourite character type, Hucast. And I've just got my first mag up to lvl 35, it so far has learnt Golla and Farla, I was wondering if anyone had any tips or a guide for learning different photons etc? Personally I'd like a mag that...
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    Phantasy Star Online V2 savefile

    I put the topic here, since it has nothing to do with scheduling:) When i try to backup my PSO memory card then I can only copy one of the files! The Guildcard! If my memory card should get corrupted, but i have the guildcard on another card, would I be able to copy it back if I make a new...
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    Phantasy Star Online early commercial/preview

    I came across this video and It really made me laugh out loud! Link : Phantasy Star Online commercial - YouTube Its kind of cool seeing some beta footage, although the narrator sounds absolutely crazy and annoying LOL. What do you think?
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 will be free to play

    Story at Destructoid Pretty cool stuff, I don't have much money around to be paying for subscriptions to MMOs so this greatly raises the chances that I pick this up. At the same time it kind of worries me that it'll "cheapen" the game and some people will disregard it. Hopefully the gameplay is...
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    Phantasy Star Offline

    Is just so fucking boring! I've played quite a bit of PSO, but never offline. For those of you who aren't familiar with the game, offline mode is the only way to unlock new areas. I've gotten around this by playing in other players teams who do have the areas unlocked, or just playing the only...
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    Having Trouble Getting Phantasy Star To Connect To Server

    So my broadband adapter arrived today. I got it connected online with a browser idownloaded online. I can't get it to connect to the server. i made an image of this: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. but it boots up a white screen and if i put psov2 in...
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    Phantasy Star Online home video from 2003

    My last time playing Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast was in 2003 (I was told that the Sega was taking down the USA PSO servers) so I recorded to a VHS tape myself playing for 1 last time. I recently ripped the contents of that tape to my computer and than uploaded it to youtube. The...
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    Phantasy Star Online help?

    Hello, I wanted to buy Phantasy Star online, but I wanted to know if you could play it offline? Thanks
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