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    Petition for Dreamcast Remastered system hit 6k supporters

    Yep an actual petition about the Dreamcast on change . org is starting to go viral guys. It presently has 6.3k supporters as of this posting, and growing. Lets show SEGA and the industry just how much the little white box means :) If your in the Dreamcast Gamers Facebook group I and...
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    Petition for sega to release Propeller Arena on Steam, Xbox Live, PSN and Nintendo Network

    There is a petition for sega to release propeller arena on steam , xbxo live , psn and nintendo network , it would be great to finally see this game playable with online and updated graphics , surely this has a better chance of succeding that the whole dreamcast 2 thing I mean they got 32,000...
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    Crytek ignites TimeSplitters Kickstarter petition

    Fans called upon to show support. Recent comments made by Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli regarding the next TimeSplitters have resulted in fans launching a petition calling for the project to appear on Kickstarter. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories The Amazing Spider-Man dev diary...
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