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    PSP 3001 Any Perma Mods?

    Guy's I'm sorry for asking this question has probably been asked billions of times and I can see how this can get annoying, but I just bought a PSP 3001 and its on firmware 5.02. My 2001 is on 5.50 Prome-4. My question is if I upgrade my 3001 to that will it brick it?
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    5.50 gen-dto 6.20 pro-b4 perma

    Is there any way to install 6.20 pro-b4 on psp1000 with this cfw?
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    Just need some information on how perma patch works :d

    Could someone please tell me how the perma patch works???? since the new motherboards dont allow cfw files to boot and result in a brick.. so how does the perma patch allow the psp to retain the hack after a cold boot???
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