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    chatting with people

    Are you in the right forum??? Maybe you took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. ;)
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    How Many People No Longer Have A Dreamcast?

    Just wondering how many people got rid of their dreamcast or maybe a large portion of their collection but still visit here? I jsut had a flash back of how cool the BBA was. Just turn the dreamcast on and play the game and its instantly connected to the internet like a modern computer. Pretty...
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    How many People have 2 BBA's?

    With the world wide shortage of BBA's, I was wondering how many people have 2? I bought mine from some who had 2. Is there any information on about how many BBA's were produced?
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    Online DC People, Here I Come!

    Hi, guys! Great news: I will most likely be on the Internet--with my Dreamcast! Yes, I will probably start playing online with my Dreamcast, as Quake 3 Arena and 2 versions of the Dreamcast Web Browser will be arriving at my door soon enough! While I'm waiting, is there a guide on this site...
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    near by people?

    anybody in the houston texas area?
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    Looking for people interessted in Hombrew Game Dev

    Hi, I really would like to get into homebrew game programming and so I'm looking for people who might want to team up to start a cool project. I don't really care about the console.. I love my Gamecube, DC & DS. :) For the style of the game I would prefer a platformer like gunlord/metroid or...
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    Just letting you know, Phantasy Star Episode one an two are playable still online. People run their own servers.

    Even Blue Burst and the Dreamcast
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