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  1. C

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC dedicated servers confirmed

    Treyarch answer the cries of PC gamers. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will support ranked, dedicated servers, Treyarch has confirmed. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Counter-Strike Global Offensive release date and price revealed The Walking Dead Episode 2 screens: Undead and...
  2. C

    PC graphics now 24 times more powerful than the Xbox 360

    Usurped Nvidia GPUs can run Unreal Engine 4 with ease. According to a report in New Scientist, modern PC graphics cards are 24 times more powerful than the one used in the Xbox 360. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Tony Hawk dev signs up for Call of Duty Massive Zone of...
  3. C

    PSP on PC?

    Would anyone know a good way to play your PSP on your PC or if its possible?
  4. C

    Play ISO backups from PC HDD on PSP

    Alright, I've been searching around on how to play ISO backups stored on my PC HDD and play them on my PSP, but I didn't manage to figure out how. I have PMPlayer Advance 3.1.4 which allows you to do so, but I can't figure how to get it to work. If anyone knows how or knows another method, it...
  5. C

    Problem running ISO from PC 6.60 PRO-B9

    Hello, I have followed this guide: http://forums.dashhacks.com/f120/psp-plugins-6-xx-t298933/ I installed Custom Firmware Extender 3.1, extracted all folders correctly and edited text files as needed... Now, when I try to "Remap usb to MS", my PSP freezes and shuts off. I tried CFE 1.9 as...
  6. C

    Running ISO from PC

    Hey, I'm fairly new to the PSP modding scene and here is my dilemna: I want to play ISO's that are stored on my PC, I have googled and searched forever and a day and still cannot find an up to date guide on doing this. I have tried using 6.60 Pro and 6.20 but with both all I can do is access my...
  7. C

    psp taking too long to connect in PC

    my psp is taking too long just to connect in my PC the last i connect it has no problem but now it taking too long can someone help me with this Tnx in Advance.
  8. C

    RemoteJoy now crashes my PC

    RemoteJoy was working fine earlier, as you can see from my other thread where i was asking about the keyboard inputs. I got fed up and tried to map a controller myself. I named it ps3.map, placed it in the MS_ROOT folder and changed the config file at the bottom where it says 'joy_1.map' to...
  9. C

    Pc emu for psp question

    Ok I just found my beavis and butthead virtual stupidity game. I was wondering is there a pc emulator that actually can play this on psp? Thanks in advance. Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum.
  10. C

    Can 6.20 CFW load games from PC?

    Is there any way for 6.20 CFW to load games (ISO & CSO) straight from my PC HDD? I know there's this USB ISO Loader 0.8 which works for 5.55 CFW. But I don't know if it'll work for 6.20. Might be outdated. So I wonder if there's a new one for 6.20 CFW. Thanks.
  11. C

    Boot games from PC?

    Hello. I'm on PSP 6.39 ME-5.. however, i've done few backups of my games, as they become 'stretchy'.. So now i want to play them, but from PC as source (Example C:\MyGame.ISO).. How to achieve this, does anyone know what exactly programs and tools i need ? thanks!
  12. C

    pls anyone tell me how can i use pc screen as psp screen

    pls anyone tell me how can i use pc screen as psp screen:mrgreen:
  13. C

    Using a Built-in PSP Mic on a PC

    Alright, new to the forums, not new to PSP hacking. My specs: PSP3000, w/ 6.20 Pro B-7 Permanent. PC: Windows XP Problem: I'd like to know if somehow by some mystical chance, is it possible to link a PSP3000 via USB to a PC and use it's built-in mic as a standard PC mic? I ask this because...
  14. C

    Streaming Pc to PSP?

    I tried a couple things and they didn't want to work, running a psp 3001 running cfw 6.39 prob6 I tried pimp something and something else and had no luck they were pretty crappy tutorials so if someone could point me into something better would appreciate it .
  15. C

    Best way to use a PSP as a PC Game Pad through USB

    I know there are multiple ways of doing this, but I don't know which is the best.
  16. F

    PC Pashiro Idol Graphics Cheat Codes (for TurboGrafx)

    Cheat mode Press Up, Down, Left, Right, I at the title screen. | [Sent by Neto]
  17. R

    StarCraft 2 Wings Of Liberty 2010 PC

    StarCraft 2 Wings Of Liberty 2010 PC ENG Game
  18. R

    Dead Rising 2 (2010) PC

    Dead Rising 2 (2010/ENG/MULTI6) - SKIDROW 1.For the game to work fine, you need to install Microsoft C++ Redistributeable 2.Fix for MSVCR100.dll error: 3.Get the VisualC++ redist and install. 4.For 32bit systems...
  19. R

    Drakensang The River of Time (2010) PC

    Drakensang The River of Time (2010)
  20. R

    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) PC game

    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010)
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