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    Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change

    Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change
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    The Guided Fate Paradox

    BLUS31312 Codes from: Games24 and some myself. Infinite EN 00012624 A0031922 OGP: A00319207C840214B0831920A12319227C840734 COP: A00319227C840214B0831920A12319227C840734 Infinite SP 0021771C 60000000 OGP: 7C040050F8091778806300CCE80317782FA00000 COP: 60000000F8091778806300CCE80317782FA00000...
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    'Next generation of consoles will be the last' - Paradox

    Sweedish dev boss predicts rapid decline of physical media. The next run of dedicated games consoles will be the last generation before digital methods and open platforms take over. Click here to read the full article More...
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